long distance CCTV
One Cable that can Deliver 1080p with PoE over 850 feet? That's a GameChanger!

The GameChanger Cable from Paige is the easiest, fastest and least expensive way to take your video cabling infrastructure well beyond the 100m limitation of regular category cable.
Sample Gamechanger specification
Paige Gamechanger Test Report
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"The GameChanger Cable allowed us to skip installing a new IDF bringing our lead time down from 6 weeks to 6 days and saving the customer $30,000!"
- Gary Hoffner, Vice President, Photo-Scan of Los Angeles, Inc.

"We needed this right away and we're extremely happy with it. It does exactly what we were expecting and really came through for us."
- Van Ganning, IT Director at Western Precooling Systems.



Q. What's the difference between the GameChanger and a standard Cat5e cable?

A. The Gamechanger has been designed specifically for CCTV applications. With increased gauge size, tighter twist tolerances and a go-anywhere jacket, the GameChanger is the only thing you need to bring 1080p video with power of Ethernet up to 850 feet!

Q. This isn't a standard product - what do the camera manufacturers say about that?

A. Paige's premier camera partner for GameChanger solutions is Axis Communications, the leader in video surveillance solutions. Axis doesn't follow the market - they lead it. They've stayed at the forefront by constantly challenging the status quo. As the leading experts in the field, with a strong focus on R&D and innovation, Axis believes it's their role to anticipate market needs, respond as quickly as they can and always deliver the best possible quality in everything they do. The GameChanger Cable is a perfect example of a technology partnership that brings a solution to the market faster than the standards bodies can keep up.