Does your Security system need help going the extra mile? We Gotcha covered. Paige Custom Asset Protection systems have been extending the reach of security systems for over a decade, protecting your property AND your bottom-line. Today Paige allows you to go even farther with Bucksaver Wireless. Armed with cellular, the Bucksaver Wireless goes places your traditional security system cannot.
Security Systems Gate Systems
Bucksaver Wireless with 3 Foot Terminated Pigtails
Asset Security systems Hard-Wired Flyer741080
BuckSaver Cable 15’ with IP67 Connectors.
Wireless receiver for remote arm/disarm features.

Versatile asset protection

You can use the Bucksaver Wireless to protect almost anything, almost anywhere. Simply loop the cable through a couple fixed points, connect the two ends and you’re protected!
Expandable asset protection

Additional cables come in 15 foot lengths and are expandable up to 3,000 feet it.
No hidden fees

No cellular service - works with your existing monitored burglar alarm system.
Long Lasting Battery protection

The Bucksaver Wireless is outfitted with a 5 year battery helping make installation quick and reducing the need for maintenance.
Mobile asset protection