Does your Security system need help going the extra mile? We Gotcha covered. Paige Custom Asset Protection systems have been extending the reach of security systems for over a decade, protecting your property AND your bottom-line. Today Paige allows you to go even farther with the Mobile1. Armed with cellular, the Mobile1 goes places your traditional security system cannot.
Security Systems Gate Systems

Mobile 1 with 3 Foot Terminated Pigtails
Asset Security systems Hard-Wired Flyer

BuckSaver Cable 15’ with IP67 Connectors.
Versatile asset protection

You can use the Mobile-1 to protect almost anything, almost anywhere. Find a spot for the magnetic feet on the back of the device, loop the cable through a couple fixed points, connect the two ends and you’re protected!
Custom Alerts

Get alerts for you or your team members even when you’re out of the office. The Mobile- 1 sends custom SMS messages directly to your phone when a problem occurs.
Expandable asset protection

The Mobile-1 comes with 3 foot lengths of cable to secure your assets. Additional cables come in 15 foot lengths and are expandable up to 3,000 feet it.
No hidden fees

The Mobile 1 comes with 5 years of prepaid data service on the Verizon nationwide network.
Long Lasting Battery protection

The Mobile-1 is outfitted with a 5 year battery helping make installation quick and reducing the need for maintenance.
Mobile asset protection