Mobile asset protection
Grounding wire theft putting you at risk? We Gotcha covered. Copper theft is putting your utility at risk and hurting your bottom line. With millions of utility poles across the country, inspecting and repairing the grounding cables is a huge challenge. Paige Custom Asset Protection’s Grounding System alerts you the minute your pole’s grounding cable has been compromised - allowing your utility to instantly address the vulnerability and lower inspection costs.
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Asset Protection Grounding Wire Kit
Monitroed Protection

The Mobile1 monitors the status of the grounding wire 24/7 and instantly sends an alert to your existing security system the moment it’s removed or cut.
Custom Alerts

The Grounding System comes with 5 years of prepaid data service on the Verizon nationwide network.
Expandable asset protection

Get alerts for you or your team members even when you’re out of the office. The Grounding System sends custom SMS messages directly to your phone when a problem occurs.
Long Lasting Battery

The Grounding System is outfitted with a 5 year battery helping make installation quick and reducing the need for maintenance.
All weather asset protections

The Grounding System’s enclosure is waterproof and tamperproof for a worry-free installation that stands up to the elements for years to come.
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