Bucksaver Security Systems
Got a hole in your existing security system? We’ve Gotcha covered!
For over a decade the Bucksaver System from Paige has been saving customers time and money by allowing them to securely protect their outdoor assets while keeping them where it’s most profitable – in front of customers. The Bucksaver System is the only solution that offers you a hassle-free extension of your existing security system, without needing to move your products back inside every night.
Asset Security systems Hard-Wired Flyer
BuckSaver Cable 15’ with IP67 Connectors.
Wireless receiver for remote arm/disarm features.
FOB 74EN1238D
Two button fob for remote arm/disarm function.
Gotcha Security systems Hard-Wired Flyer

Extend the reach of your security system to include your outdoor assets. If the Bucksaver cable is disconnected or cut your alarm will be immediately triggered.
Asset Security Systems Gate Systems

Bucksaver cables have been designed and manufactured to withstand the real world. With installations in place over ten years, Bucksaver cables are built to last.
Gotcha Security Systems Gate Systems

Bucksaver cables connect to your exisiting alarm panel, come in 15 foot lenghts and are expandable up to 300 feet allowing you to keep and protect your outdoor merchandise right where you want it.
Gotcha Grounding Systems Gate Systems

The heavy duty jacket and watertight connectors allow the Bucksaver to be left outsideto face even the harshest elements.