About Paige Asset Protection Systems
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Why Paige Asset Protection Systems?

Paige’s Asset Protection Systems division has been giving Large Asset Protection people peace of mind, knowing that their items have been protected with its indoor/outdoor 24/7 low-cost customizeable hard-wired systems for years. With constant testing and research Paige Asset Protection Systems is constantly expanding its product offerings to cover new markets. Its Bucksaver systems have been saving customers time and money by allowing them to securely protect their outdoor assets without having to mover their products back inside every night. Its Gate Systems, designed specifically to secure gates, all-weather, all the time. Its Mobile systems, armed with cellular, goes places your traditional security system cannot. And its latest, Grounding systems alerts you the minute your utility pole’s grounding cable has been compromised - allowing your utility to instantly address the vulnerability and lower inspection costs.

Dedication to market innovation makes us unique in the industry and separates us from the rest. Our approach of always putting our customers first and “talking-the-talk” has allowed us to become the industry’s go-to choice.