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Fiber Optic Sign Wire
Paige introduces new alternatives for signage lighting – Paige Flex- Bright Plastic Optical Fiber (P. O. F.) cables, light sources and accessories. Paige Plastic Optical Fiber for lightingapplications is a low cost alternative to conventional lighting and can be used anywhere regular lighting can be and more. Safe, cost effective and easy to install, Plastic Optical Fiber lightning is lightning without limitation.

Flex-Bright End-Out Cable
End-Out Cable is multistrand plastic optic fibers in a flexible PVC jacket that is U.V., fungicide and algaecide treated plus chlorine stabilized. The optical fibers are available in bright 750 micron and extra bright 1mm diameters. The fiber material is acrylic (PMMA). The PVC jacket is color coded to indicate total fiber count.

Flex-Bright Side-Out Cable
Side Out Cable is constructed with a unique multistrand plastic optic fiber then protected in an overall clear flexible PVC jacket. These special fibers are designed to allow light to emit from the side and the end. This can go anywhere – indoor/ outdoor, wet/dry, underwater, extreme cold and clear jacket is U.V. protected plus algaecide and fungicide treated.

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signwire system